CSIA and NFI certified chimney sweep serving Jacksonville, FL

Chimney Repairs

Professional chimney repairs at affordable pricing

Over the years as a chimney sweep, I have kept one thing consistent, pricing. With my chimney repair services you do not have to worry about being charged a price premium during the busier Fall and Winter Months, my prices do not fluctuate. 

I do not use scare or high pressure sales tactics and if I do find an issue that needs to be corrected, my number one job is always your safety. I will send a quote for repairs but will also recommend that you get multiple quotes so you can feel comfortable that I am providing a fair price for my service.  As a professional chimney sweep, I strive to always develop long-term relationships with my customers and build trust. For additional peace of mind, I also abide by the CSIA and BBB codes of ethics, names that you can trust. 

If you are looking for masonry work, full system replacements, or other larger work, I have a list of preferred vendors that I have developed and trust. I leave more extensive repairs to larger companies and focus my time on safety. Here is a list of typical repairs that I perform:

- Spark arrestor replacement

- Chase cover replacement 

- Electric fireplace conversions 

- Crown repairs

- Refractory panel replacement

A recent chimney repair in Jacksonville, Florida.
A recent chimney repair in Jacksonville, Florida.