CSIA and NFI certified chimney sweep serving Jacksonville, FL

Chimney Sweeping

The Basic chimney sweep

When sweeping a chimney, it is essential to use only the best tools and make sure the work area is fully covered in drop cloths. 

Nikro LV10 H.E.P.A. Filtered Lead Vacuums

These vacuums and specifically designed for the safe and efficient collection of lead, asbestos, mold, and other toxic nuisance dust and is a true H.E.P.A. filter. When cleaning a chimney system a chimney sweep will not only encounter toxic dust and debris, but also things such as dead animals and old nesting spots for chimney swifts. The abandoned nesting spots can be a particular hazard because the droppings can cause a fungal infection in your lungs if inhaled. We take no chances and only use the highest quality vacuums to prevent anything from entering your home.

Super Scrub Rotary Cleaning System

The aptly named super scrub truly lives up to its name, allowing you to do the day to day cleaning of the smaller flues seemingly effortlessly, yet removing even the most stubborn deposits in a fraction of the time taken by a traditional chimney brush giving the ultimate deep clean, while protecting the flue.

Having forward facing Co-polymer strands  which can dislodge bird nests within steel lined flues. Making it the most versatile head in the range. Undoubtedly raising the bar of cleaning standards for both traditional and rotary power sweeps. 

A time tested chimney sweep process

My sweeping process is exactly that, a process that was developed by my father decades ago that has been time tested to keep your home clean and safe. Here is a quick look into the process that is used:

I start at the front door with shoe removal and bring in only clean drop cloths to set in front of your fireplace and encapsulate the firebox. If furniture is in the area, I cover areas of the furniture to prevent accidental contact with cleaning tools as they are brought in and removed from the home. 

Once the basics are set up, I then bring in all of the cleaning tools and vacuum system. Once the Nikro LV10 vacuum is properly set up and on, I begin the sweeping process. 

Depending on the amount of creosote build up in the system, this is where patience comes into play. A dirty system will take longer for the vacuum to bring in all of the airborne debris that is stirred up and I have to be mindful of the speed of cleaning so that we don't get an avalanche of soot coming down all at once! 

After the chimney has been swept, you will also see the vacuum running an additional 5+ minutes to help remove the remaining suspended particles in the flue system.

When everything has been swept and cleaned, I carefully remove all of the tools and drop cloths from around your fireplace and open and close your door with gloves and paper towels. I might be slightly OCD, but I treat my customers homes with respect and want the experience to be pleasant with no surprises.